Industrial testing of Feed and Treat experimental results

Published on
October 24, 2013

Partner IAA has organised a successful workshop as satellite event of AE2013 and AquaNor in the Trondheim Spektrum in Trondheim, Norway on August 12 2013. The workshop was entitled “Industrial testing of Feed and Treat experimental results” and had as objective to give an overview of the results of experimental scale testing, a phase in the project that has been finished.

Presentations were given by: Arjan Palstra (IMARES), as coordinator of the project; Paul Sindilariu (IAA, Tropenhaus Frutigen); Bjorn-Steinar Saether (Nofima) and Andries Kamstra (IMARES). Invited guests to the workshop were representatives of the Norwegian salmon smolt farm Smøla Klekkeri and Settefiskanlegg AS (SKS).

The presentations presented at the workshop functioned as basis for a discussion on the industrial testing of Feed and Treat experimental results with representatives of SKS: on the opportunities to perform these trials at SKS and the planning of activities. SKS agreed on performing these trials and a plan was prepared making the workshop a big success.

Trails started October 24 2013. Nofima is co-ordinating the activities of the Feed and Treat consortium as work package 1 leader in close collaboration with SKS. Involved are Biomar (diets), IAA and IMARES (system performance). First results are expected at the end of November.